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COVID-19 and Mental Health of Young People - Poll Report

Since the first case of COVID-19 was found in Myanmar, Government has issued directives such as social distancing, asking people to stay at home etc. These stay at home period has changed ‘life we know’ into upside down.

To know how young people feel about this issue, youth volunteers at U-Report Myanmar prepared the poll questions, and it was sent to U-Reporters on 9th of May 2020.

During a period of one week, 10,302 U-Reporters responded to the poll question. 63% of respondents were female U-Reporters, while 37% from male U-Reporters.

To find the full report download here.   

Q1. Does COVID-19 have a mental health impact on your life?

A. Yes

B. No


More than 6 in 10 respondents answered that COVID-19 has mental health impacts on their lives. Both male and female are almost equally impacted by COVID-19. It is found out that older people feel more mental health issues than younger people.

Q2. What is the most relevant issue/feeling caused by COVID-19?

A. comfortable because I can rest

B. Frustrated because I cannot go out

C. Happy that I can spend more time with family

D. Not okay since I cannot do accomplish things I wanted to do

E. Bipolar disorder

F. Bored because there is nothing to do

G. Worried about the financial situation

H. Other


Nearly 18 of respondents said that they don’t feel okay since COVID made it impossible for them to do things. It is also found that male respondents are more worried about the financial situation than female respondents. Nearly 1 out of 4 respondents ageing from 14 to 19 said that they are bored because there is nothing they can do at home. 

Q3. How do you cope with such situations?

A. Calling friends and colleagues

B. Doing hobbies to spend time

C. Listening to music/ watching movies

D. Meditation

E. Playing with pets

F. Reading books

G. Learning online

H. Other


35% of the respondents answered that they listen to music and watch movies to cope with their issues during the COVID-19 stay home period. 1 out of 10 respondents using online learning as their coping mechanism. It is also found that the younger population use music and movies where older people use hobbies to spend time.

Q4. Do you feel better after that?

A. Yes. I feel a lot better

B. Yes. I feel somewhat better.

C. It doesn’t help me that much


More than half of the respondents said that their coping mechanism makes them feel somewhat better. 2 in 10 respondents said that it doesn’t help them very much.

Q5. What would be the first thing you do when COVID is over?

A. Travelling

B. Going to movies with friends

C. Contribute in rehabilitation activities

D. Pursue my new goals that I found during the COVID

E. Returning to classes

F. Other



4 in 10 respondents answered that they will return to classes. More than half of respondents with the age range of 15 to 19 said that their first priority after COVID is to return to their classrooms. It is found that the older the respondents get; it is more likely that they will participate in rehabilitation activates after COVID-19.




To find the full report download here.  

See by the numbers how we are engaging youth voices for positive social change.