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Engaging with Adolescents (UNICEF)
A key asset in any country is its adolescents (aged 10-19 years), as future leaders and current citizens. Yet levels of civic engagement among Myanmar adolescents are extremely low, especially for adolescent girls, adolescents with low education levels, rural adolescents, and adolescents of non-Bamar ethnicity. While there are significant developments to organise youth through programmes and networks, very little attention is paid to adolescents. The lack of adolescent-specific data and interventions means that there is little country-specific evidence to inform programme design or policy recommendations.

UNICEF is working to ensure that Myanmar’s young people have an active voice in the process of transition to democratic rule, participate in decisions affecting their lives and achieve their rights. We are working with partners to support an inclusive model of adolescent engagement across Myanmar. Capacity building trainings support community-based adolescent engagement, help mobilise adolescent clubs and establish linkages with the wider community. Issues of marginalisation and child protection are addressed through an inclusive network - one that has the capacity to address the protection issues that impact adolescents.
See by the numbers how we are engaging youth voices for positive social change.