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Beating Plastics: U-Reporters from Myanmar talk about Solutions to Plastic Pollution

Beating Plastics: U-Reporters from Myanmar Talk about Solutions to Plastic Pollution 

Written By - Edison Htun (U-Reporter)

Plastic products are everywhere - in our kitchens, our houses, the products we use daily, and the food containers we get from takeouts. Our daily lives are very much intertwined with the use of plastics. According to a 2023 U-Report Myanmar poll for World Environment Day on Solutions to Plastic Pollution, over 2,200 U-Reporters responded that they use up to 5 disposable plastic items on a daily basis.

Overusing plastic products causes plastic pollution in our environment. In the same poll, around 2,000 U-Reporters shared that shopping centers, convenience stores, online shops, cafes, and restaurants are overusing plastic products. 76% agreed that plastic bags are mostly common in their community.